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I am accepting commissions. Here you can find some information about pricing, payment and other things.

Almost everything you can think of, except for humans. As you can see in my gallery, I draw animals and natural scenes, and I am most familiar with wolves. I can draw your RPG character, furry persona, a portrait of your pet, even anthropomorfized persons from your photos (but I am quite uncomfortable with anthropomorfized furry artwork) and so on. It's no problem for me to draw ANY animal, I can learn. I am willing to learn how to draw other things, like technics, buildings and such, but only AT YOUR OWN RISK! I usually don't draw them and there is no guarentee they would look OK.

Copyrighted chacaters, humans, sexual scenes and anything that you woudn't want your children to see.

Please make sure that setting prices for artworking is really a tough thing to do, and all these prices are just approximate! The price varies with every piece, especially if you want a detailed, finished artwork. Icons and conbadges have set prices.

Full pictures:

Icons and conbadges:

I list prices to most of my styles of art, but not all. If you can see it on my website, I can do it - so if you want an animation (full or simple icon), a 3D stereogram or anything else you can think of, tell me about it and we can negotiate the price. It's mostly based on how much time I spend on that piece, usually at 7 USD per hour of work.

The prices don't count shipping, so if you want the original or a signed print posted by mail, add about 5 USD for the shipping and 5 USD for a high-quiality print. Also, the prices usually count one character. If you want more characters, the price would be higher, depending on the drawing style.

If the commisioned picture was created using real media, I can send you the original for a shipping cost. In the case of digitally painted picture I can send you the original sketch + signed print and also a CD with the full-sized picture. If you don't really want the original to be send to you, I can just send you the original size of the picture trough Internet and you need not to pay the shipping price ;)

I accept PayPal and International money order.

- I'll start to work on the picture after I receive the money. For digitally painted pieces, I'll draw the sketch, make sure it's allright with you (and in case it isn't, I'll alter it as you like), and then I'll wait with the coloration until the money arrives.
- I reserve the right to display the picture on my website and other galleries such as DeviantArt.
- I won't sell prints out of your pictures without your permission if the picture contains your own character.
- All images will be drawn on A4 paper, digital pieces will be about 3000px wide, unless otherwise specified.

All of the images and graphics have been made by me (Akela Taka). Please do not copy, use or redistribute them without my permission. Copyright © 2002 - 2010 Akela Taka. All copyrighted characters belong to their respective owners.