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Art Usage

Please respect the rules about usage of my art:

You can freely use any of my images as your desktop, print and look at them or use them as references. If you want to use them for your own website, please, ask me first. I will almost always allow you, but I want to know the pages that are showing my art. Also some of the characters shown in my pictures are copyrighted to other persons and you are not allowed to use these without their permission.
And if you want to use any of my images as LiveJournal or MSN icons, I may allow you, but again - just for SOME of the pictures. So ask me first.

Copy, redistribute or alter the images without my permission. And please, do NOT steal my pictures. Majority of art-thieves is always discovered anyways, so it cannot be for any good and may lead to your accounts to be deleted, wherever you'd want to post the stolen art.

All of the images and graphics have been made by me (Akela Taka). Please do not copy, use or redistribute them without my permission. Copyright © 2002 - 2010 Akela Taka. All copyrighted characters belong to their respective owners.