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Guest Art

This section is dedicated to the pictures that YOU have drawn for me! I've got so many pictures from you all, as art trades, requests or gifts, and I love each and every one! Thank you all very much for them! I am showing you here just the best and the newest ones, because my webspace isn't infinite, you know ^___^' But if you want to see more, please visit the Art Trades gallery at archive, or the gallery of my "Favourites" at DeviantArt.

It wasn't in my powers to ask every artist if I can put their image on my website, so, if you are an author of a picture showed here and you want the picture to be removed, or you want some additional info to be shown here, please, contact me. Thank you.

CONTEST IMAGES!! I held a contest, you can see all the beautiful entries here ^^

Click to enter the Contest Entries!

Pictures that I commissioned:

By Fainder By Vekke By DrayokStar By Cryslara By Kesame By Kalamu

The pictures below are ranged by date:

By Arven92 By KittyChan12 By Wolf Artist By Lioness14 By Anyu
By ClothoBuer77 By Eleweth By Akekiru By Wolf Inside By LordKibaDInu By Arven92 By Angela Duncan By Lugia 1
By Dragea By Umbreona By Kittychan12 By Shasta-Tiki By Arven92 By Kittychan12 By Teresa Wolf By Shasta-Tiki
By Eic By Arkina Gata By Rentoraa Thunder By FireAnne By WolfLUVA By Aniu Alassa By Black Diaraikia By WolfLUVA
By Dorcia Dragon By Junryou-na-Kokoro By Roosa By Roosa By Roosa By Truí By Wolfattwilight By Lusy W
By Nera Akkari By Reina-Kitsune By Lioness-Eva By Moon By Moon By Moon By Guardianofire By Dorcia Dragon
By Akekiru By Blue Charizard By Reina-Kitsune By Pipthekitsune By Anubis By Biava By Nigerfur By Charla

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All of the images and graphics on this site's design were made by me (Akela Taka). All images here in the Guest Art section were made by different authors. Please do not copy, use or redistribute them without my AND their permission. Copyright © 2002 - 2010 Akela Taka. All copyrighted characters belong to their respective owners.