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About me

Many of you asked me to write here something about myself. So here it is - my age, my hobbies, my life. But there is more than that; I'll try to explain something more about my wolf persona named Akela Taka - my real self.

The naming is very simple. I've just taken two of my favorite TV character's names and put them together to create an original nickname. But my personal feeling about the meaning of both names is very important to me.
AKELA is the wolf from Kipling's Jungle Book. I've never read the book, but I fell in love with the Disney's version of the story, so the name of Akela originally comes from there. It is the wise spiritual wolf leader in me. My wild and creative self. The spirit that stays hidden from most of you... that stays hidden in my art.
TAKA is the original name of Scar, the villain from The Lion King (my most favorite character from the movie - Scar wasn't a bad character, really; He just couldn't withstand his position in the pride...). It is my tamed, civilised, humanised self; My self that is kind of blinded from what the society demands. It is the nice person you can meet in real life.

I made my character two-colored to express that I am created from the two inseparable parts; And to fulfil the meaning of my nickname.

Now you can ask me about the other symbolic signs on my character: The scars, the red sign, the silver necklace. I'll keep those a secret, though. You know - the more you know, the older you get ;)

I have many different forms in my pictures - anthro/feral/winged/whatever form. It's because I'm wild enough not to be limited by my own body. Besides - I am the artist that can create things ;) The magician that can do anything. Rarely you can see Akela Taka in a different shape than a wolf. But as long as the character has her symbolic colors, it's me. What I cannot change is the colors, because they are me, they form me, my real soul that inhabits the body.

I have other nicknames in use, they are Silka - Wilka (used among my family and schoolmates) and Suicune Wolf (used among Pokémon friends and websites). They both mean "Akela Taka", though.

Akela, Wilka (="wolf"), Wolf.
Taka, Silka ("Silvie"), Suicune (a Pokémon).

You got that? ;)

Now... really ^__^' My... ID:
Name: Silvie Lišková
Date of birth: 8/23/1984
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Location: Czech Republic

Fav. movie: The Lion King, Balto, Mononoke Hime
Fav. book: The Wolves of Time (William Horwood)
Fav. food: Onion ^_^ And... a rabbit.
Likes: Wolves, Furry, Animated movies, Anime, Artworking, Chinese Crested Dogs, Nature, God...
For more favorites... well, why not to look at the fanlistings I am in? ;)

I used to have a lot of pets including hamsters, mice, zebra finches and a walking stick, but today, I have two dogs. They are Chinese cresteds, mother and daughter, named Honey (the powderpuff) and Hildegarda (the hairless). I love them very much.

All of the images and graphics have been made by me (Akela Taka). Please do not copy, use or redistribute them without my permission. Copyright © 2002 - 2010 Akela Taka. All copyrighted characters belong to their respective owners.