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Your Favorite Carnivores
Your Favorite Carnivores
Drawn just for a practice. The species are as follows:

1. Bassariscus astutus (Ringtail/Cacomistle; fret kočičí ), a raccoon-relative from North and Middle America.
2. Procyon cancrivorus (Crab-eating Raccoon; mýval jižní ) from South and Middle America.
3. Cerdocyon thous (Crab-eating Fox/Common Zorro; pes maikong) -note- fascinating English names you have for all the crab-eating animals, really X-D See the Czech names? They are better ;P -/note-, South American canid.
4. Canis simensis (Ethiopian wolf/Simian; vlček etiopský ), a wolf from Africa.
5. Potos flavus (Kinkajou; kynkažu ), close relative of olingos from the raccoons family living in South and Middle America.
6. Poecilogale albinucha (African Striped Weasel; zorila páskovaná ), African relative of weasels and martens.

All of the images and graphics have been made by me (Akela Taka). Please do not copy, use or redistribute them without my permission. Copyright © 2002 - 2010 Akela Taka. All copyrighted characters belong to their respective owners.